The decision to get a tattoo is highly personal, and it can be daunting the first time you get one. It’s a chance to express yourself through body art, so you want the experience to be a good one and the results to be of the highest quality. When looking for a London tattoo studio, you’ll realise just how popular the tattooing industry has become with hundreds of artists to choose from. When searching for the right place to create your piece, you’ll want to find a reputable studio where you can see evidence of their prior work and find an individual artist who specialises in the style you want. It’s also important they provide a relaxed environment to share your ideas and a comfortable setting to have your tattoo created.

NR Studio’s state of the art premises are located across three locations in the UK. This includes Exeter, Cheltenham and our tattoo studio London based services. We’re proud to be the home of award-winning, talented tattoo artists who tailor each step of the experience to the client’s needs. You’ll feel at ease in our comfortable, pressure-free setting in which you can openly share your ideas with your chosen artist who will create a special bespoke design for you.

Following on from our popular Cheltenham and Exeter studios, NR now aims to achieve the best tattoo artist London based services available. NR’s artists create out-of-the-box concepts before translating the idea to skin using high quality materials. Their years of knowledge and experience ensure the utmost care is taken when undertaking such an important role. Our clients know they’ll be receiving something completely unique while being part of a memorable and special experience at our studios. NR also stands out as the only current UK studio to offer finance on tattooing services, ensuring high quality tattoos are more accessible to the many.

Have an idea you’d like to share? Got a question you’d like to ask? Get in touch with NR Studios here.

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The Journey to Opening NR London Tattoo Studio

Formed nine years ago by Ben Lakin and his wife, Annie, NR Studios (known as ‘No Regrets’) opened its first studio on Cheltenham high street. As one of the biggest tattoo studios in the UK, it has 13 resident artists. We soon built up a reputation for achieving high customer satisfaction levels and high quality artistry, opening our next studio in Exeter. Now onto our third studio, NR’s tattoo shop London looks set to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors.

Whether it’s your first time in the chair or you’re a seasoned tattoo veteran, we believe you should feel completely at ease in our studios. When you first enter our studios, our wonderful front of house team will greet you and have the knowledge to support you when going through your options. They’ll be on hand with tea and coffee, so you can feel at home when having a browse through our gallery, making an appointment or going through a finance application for our services.

You’ll notice our stylish studios make our artists and guests feel completely at home. Taking on a timeless look, our light and spacious settings are full of steel cupboards, hanging filament bulbs and copper-plated tables, creating a stylish yet relaxed ambience. Comfort is key for both client and artist, with our best-on-the-market Tatt Soul chairs and there’s comfortable seating for clients in both waiting areas and artistry zones. The high quality artistry performed by our team is supported by some of the best materials in the industry including Sorry Mom, Hustle Better Deluxe and World Famous Ink. It’s important our artists are in an environment which allows them to do their best work with every client.

Thanks to the expert skills of our resident artists, we cover a wide range of tattoo styles. This includes colour realism, traditional, neotraditional, trash polka, geometric and blackwork. With black and grey realism becoming one of the most popular tattoo forms in the industry, we have a trio of specialist artists in our Cheltenham studio, Georgi Kodzhabashev, Bacanu Bogdan and Danny Romano, who bring the highest of standards to this artistry style.

We believe that fresh ideas and concepts come from sharing them with each other. Our artists push their skills to the next level by learning from each other. NR Studios regularly invites guest artists to our studios to share their artistry with both us and our clients. Our guests from around the world have included the likes of Michael Tauget, Mike Boyd, and Alex Petcu. You can check out who will be joining us next via our social media pages and the NR Studio website.

NR’s Tattoo London Studios

The tattooing industry has undergone a revolution in the last decade, with a focus shifting to the endless artistic possibilities when translating artwork onto skin. The key to achieving such results is narrowing the space between clients and their artist, blending ideas and concepts to create a unique work of art. At NR Studios, our artists work closely with you to create something special which is completely bespoke.

Our London tattoo artists are encouraged to truly explore the areas they’re passionate about, continually pushing their skills to raise the bar on quality and artistry. We believe this develops their creativity by allowing themselves to be totally immersed in a design niche. As a result, we have a wide range of high quality styles available from our team, with specialist artists you can go to if you want a particular design.

Two of our tatoo artist London based team are Razvan Rosca and Ryan Smith.

Razvan Rosca: One of our talented artists is Razvan, who has become one of NR’s most popular black and grey specialists. Influenced by nature and the human mind, he adds a dark twist to his designs, also specialising in realism. His pioneering A-void project took large-scale abstract designs and gave them the distinct look of charcoal or pencil-work.

Ryan Smith: Ryan is one of our London tattoo studio artists and has created an outstanding niche from himself. It combines colour realism with mandala/hennism, standing out from the crowd with its bold, clean colours and intricate linework. Fondly known as ‘The Scientist’ for his conceptual scientific genre, Ryan experiments with style and colour to create completely unique pieces on each and every occasion.

Ryan and Razvan make up just two of our talented team who have skills in areas such as black and grey, realism and blackwork. Other styles our artists specialise in include watercolour freehand, large-scale characters, personal artwork and illustrative designs.

NR Tattoo studio London

NR Studio’s Processes

We pride ourselves on the enquiry process implemented by Ben and Annie which helps clients to easily understand and follow what’s happening at every stage. You can start at NR’s website, showcasing the impressive portfolios for each of our artists. Our enquiry form allows clients to share their ideas or state a preferred artist. Although they have capabilities to create designs in a wide range of styles, if your idea fits a specialist area, we can recommend the right artist for your design. Once you have your idea and chosen artist in place, we’ll offer you a free consultation in which you can come in and have a short discussion face to face with your artist in a pressure-free environment. This is your time to let your ideas take shape, share your thoughts and feel more relaxed about the process. They’ll also be able to give you a better idea of timings and how much it will cost.

We know how important making a tattooing decision is, so we give you all the information we can about your options. After your consultation, we can book you in there and then, letting you know available dates and taking a deposit. However, we completely understand some people want more time to think about it, so you can go away and consider your options for as long as you need to. It’s important you make an educated decision when you make your final choices. We have a modern diary application, allowing customers to easily get in contact if they have an issue or want to ask any further questions. We also have a finance option for our services if you want to spread out the cost.

Finance Options:

We believe high quality tattoos should be accessible to all, not just the few. The fact we meet people from so many walks of life is what makes our job so rewarding, and we’re proud to have such a diverse client base. To make our services as accessible as possible, we offer finance options to our clients. Using Omni Capital, clients have the choice of three payment options, spreading the cost over either 6, 12 or 24 months. Our front of house team can take you through your choices and help you with each step of the application process. You will be able to find out whether you qualify after about 15 minutes. There’s a section of the NR Studio website dedicated to the finance option, explaining the facts in a clear and concise way. You can also use our calculator to work out the right choice for you.

Our Credits

Social media:

With a combined Instagram following of 150,000 people, our artists have certainly made an impact online. When social media was introduced, it gave industries the chance to open the doors to their worlds in a way not seen before. People can now easily access information and platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram which helps clients find ideas for their tattoos. They can view the work of hundreds of artists around the world which helps spark their creativity and to embrace different concepts. The work speaks for itself and has helped the tattoo industry gain a whole new audience who are impressed by the possibilities they didn’t realise could be achieved.  NR Studios has various social media pages and on them, you’ll find plenty of information about upcoming guests, events and conventions we’ll be attending, latest diary openings and competitions. It’s also a great way to see some of our artists’ latest creations to give you even more ideas about what you’d like.


With the tattoo industry evolving over the last decade, the popularity of tattoo conventions has exploded. Tens of thousands of people descend on some of the most popular events, and you can event go to ones near our studio such as the London Tattoo Convention which is held annually. These conventions offer the chance to see the work of hundreds of world-renowned tattoo artists, showcasing a diverse range of pieces.

The events can span across several days and include live music and entertainment. Competitions create the chance for artists to get recognised for their skills, and categories often include awards such as ‘Best Black and Grey’ or ‘Best of Show’. We can proudly say our artists have won awards across several categories. Ryan Smith recently collaborated with another of our London studio artists, Jay Freestyle at the Milano Tattoo Convention, winning the ‘Best of Show’ award – an outstanding achievement! Ryan Smith has also had success at some of the most prestigious conventions, previously winning in categories such as ‘Best of Show’ and ‘Best of Day.’ Our award-winning artists are recognised for their talent and skills by some of the best in the business, proving why they’re so popular with our clients.

The evolution of the tattooing industry has helped shed the ‘lone wolf’ stigma which has been attached to artists in the past. Long gone are the days of ‘dog eat dog’, with collaborations part and parcel of advancing skills in the tattooing world. Artists actively seek out others to work with to gain a fresh look on a concept and to enhance the standard of their work. Here at NR Studios, we love working with others, and our collaborations provide endless opportunities for creating unique designs of the highest quality. We want to continually raise the bar of creativity, setting high standards for ourselves and continually developing our skills.

The Future

With the tattooing world growing more than ever, the number of studios and artists is growing too. To give our clients the best experience, we provide high customer service levels which set us apart from other studios. We design our processes around client needs, providing the most comfortable setting for you to get your piece done. There are even flat screen TVs at each artistry station, so you can use wireless earphones to drift away to music or catch up on your favourite Netflix programme during your sessions.

Expansion has always been in the plan for NR studios, setting high standards at our original locations in Cheltenham and Exeter. When looking at our next location, Ben and Annie knew the Big Smoke was the logical next step. As one of the most groundbreaking cities in the world for art, we’re in the perfect place to create some masterpieces. Having built up fantastic reputations in our previous locations, NR is looking to do the same in our London tattoo studio. From Minerva Street in the heart of Hackney, our London studio is closing the gap between tradition art and tattooing. This includes having an onsite photographer and gallery curator.

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Tattoo Artists Based in Cheltenham

Tattoo Artists Based in Cheltenham

Apprentice Tattoo Artists Based in Cheltenham

NR Studio – Guest Artists
Victor Del Fueyo


Victor del Fueyo is based in Leon, Spain but regularly guests at studios all over Europe. Victor has a distinct black and grey realism style and is well-know for his mind-blowing portraits.


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