NR Studios London – Opening in May!

by | Apr 12, 2017

We are stoked to announce the launch of our newest studio and art gallery, which will be opening in London this May. Located in the heart of Hackney, this new studio will be an innovative space designed for creation and collaboration.

With some of the UK’s top tattoo artists working alongside prolific international stars, the studio is set to be an innovative and ever-changing space that invites artistic freedom.

NR Studios logo

Our resident London tattoo artists work across a variety of styles, each using their unique approach to design to create bespoke pieces for every client. Our initial resident artists are Paul Goodwin, Ryan Smith, Hannah Willison, Razvan Rosca, Jay Freestyle, Dario Grasso and T-Dan who will be working alongside manager Nadia Nardelli and curator Ines Valle to merge the gap between traditional art forms and tattooing.

We’ll be opening in mid May with an exciting project based around video mapping, but the focus of the studio will change regularly as we push forward new projects and support artists in their progression. Our intention is to build the finest modern atelier that reflects how far the tattoo industry has come and where it’s going.

Joining the London tattoo landscape is an exciting next step for NR Studios. Our flagship Cheltenham location has been the central hub for the last nine years, but this move to one of the most progressive capital cities means that we can utilise the vast amount of culture and diversity.
The studio is spacious at 2,200 sq ft and houses custom-built stations designed with our artists and their clients in mind. You can find us on Minerva Street in East London. We look forward to seeing you there.