NR Studios represents some of the finest names in tattooing, with award-winning artists working from three state of the art studios in Cheltenham, Exeter and London. Each studio has a dedicated team on hand to ensure each client’s experience is tailored to their needs through every step of the process.

Each studio homes prolific artists with years of experience and knowledge, meaning each piece is created and tattooed with care. NR Studios offers bespoke pieces so that every client leaves with something completely unique to them. NR Studios is committed to developing the artistry of the tattoo process, meaning that our resident artists are pushing themselves and growing to produce out-of-the-box ideas to translate onto skin.

[expander_maker more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]It’s not just the creative side to the industry that NR is pioneering; NR is currently the only tattoo studio in the UK to offer finance on tattoos, meaning high quality tattoos become more accessible to everyone.

Our Cheltenham and Exeter locations have a reputation for high quality and client satisfaction, with our new tattoo artist London studio and art gallery set to follow in the same footsteps. Tattooing has developed immensely in even the last decade, with a real focus towards the endless possibilities of artwork that can be translated onto skin.

NR Studios Cheltenham has found infamy for homing some of the greatest names in black and grey realism. Artists like Bacanu Bogdan, Danny Romano and Georgi Kodzhabashev bring the highest standard to one of the popular forms of modern tattooing. Keen to cater to anyone who may find themselves wanting ink, NR Studios also has artists working with geometric, blackwork, traditional, neotraditional, colour realism, trash polka and even in styles that have been coined by the artists themselves. Ryan Smith, a resident tattoo artist London studio artist has found a niche for himself by combining hennism/mandala works with colour realism pieces. Also known as ‘The Scientist’, Ryan ‘experiments’ with different combinations of colour and styling to create an entirely new piece each time, always with his signature intricate linework and clean, bold colours.

Pioneering a different path, another resident NR Studiotattoo artist London studio artist is Razvan Rosca, who has been working on the A-void project in which he creates abstract, large scale pieces that have the distinct impression of pencil or charcoal work. NR Studios enables artists to pursue the work they’re truly interested in. Tattooing is beginning to blend the space between artist and client, with collaboration becoming the new key term. And this expands further than just ideas; offering a space of skin for the artist to work freehand on is a form of collaboration.

NR Studios, formerly known as No Regrets, is the brainchild of Ben Lakin, who now heads the NR name alongside his wife, Annie. No Regrets was founded almost nine years ago, starting out as a small shop on the Cheltenham High Street. As the business grew, Ben invested in the custom designed, three story studio that we see today. Now with thirteen resident artists, NR Studios Cheltenham is one of the biggest studios in in the UK. Each studio has been built with style in mind. Steel cupboards, copper plated tables, and bare filament bulbs produce an effortless and timeless effect. Comfort is key in a tattoo studio whether you’re a first timer or a full time collector, so our studios are spacious and light. Our seating is high quality – not just in the waiting area, but in the tattoo areas as well. Each of artist’s stations has been designed for their needs. We provide tattooing chairs from Tatt Soul, which are some of the best on the market. Our front of house team is always on hand with teas, coffees and soft drinks as well as experienced advice. We know how important it is to feel that you are in knowledgeable hands when you are looking into tattoos.

Tattoo artist London gallery NR Studios

Ben and Annie have found an enquiry process that allows each client to understand exactly what’s going on at each stage of the tattoo process. Our easy-to-navigate website allows anyone who is interested to simply look through all of the artists’ portfolios and view their latest work. We have an enquiries form in which you can indicate your artist preference, or start by sharing your idea and let us advise and guide you to who might be best. All of our studios offer free consultations, which gives the opportunity for the artist and the client to meet face to face and discuss ideas without any pressure. During our consultations, the ideas begin to take shape; the artist then gives an idea of timing and price. Our ethos has always been to provide as much information up front for the customer to then make an educated decision on how they’d like to proceed. We have employed the use of modern applications to ensure our diary is managed well and customers can easily get in touch with us should any problems arise.

The finance option that NR Studios offers is another example of how we are keeping up with the needs of our clients. Using Omni Capital, we are able to offer customers the chance to spread the cost of their tattoo over 6, 12, or 24 months. In this way, the incredible artwork offered by our artists becomes not just a luxury for the select few, but rather an option that is accessible to a much larger range of clientele. We welcome people from all walks of life to our studios. Our front of house time can guide you through each step of the finance application, so that the process is as uncomplicated as possible. We have a dedicated section of our website that gives all the finance information in a clear and concise way – it also includes a calculator so that you can easily see what the options are.

Despite the strong team of residents we have, NR Studios is always keen to invite guest artists from the around the world to join us in the studio. We know the value in having artists work together and learn from each other. Our studio has hosted artists such as Alex Petcu, Mike Boyd, and Michael Tauget amongst many others, who bring their unique approach and artistry to share with our new and old clients. You can keep up with who we’re bringing to the studio on our website and our social media pages.

Social media has become a vital part of keeping up with the tattoo industry. Instagram and Pinterest are an easy way to look through artwork from hundreds of artists around the globe. Image based applications allow the work to speak for itself, and a simple caption allows those who maybe don’t consider themselves ‘in-the-know’ to learn about the industry and open their mind to all the different styles and possibilities out there. Our artists combined have an Instagram following of over 150,000. We post regularly, displaying the latest works from all of our artists and keeping everyone up to date with guests, diary openings and the latest events including conventions and competitions.

Conventions are another evolving part of the tattoo industry. Opening doors to the public, conventions are an opportunity to see some of the most talented artists doing their thing. Some of the largest conventions span numerous days, host hundreds of artists, and have thousands of people coming through their doors. Some of the most famous conventions in the world such as the tattoo artist London Convention will create somewhat of an extravaganza with performances, music, and competitions. These competitions allow artists to be recognised for the work they’re doing. These competitions are often broken down into categories such as Best of Day or Best Black and Grey. We’re proud to have artists who have won many awards across a variety of categories. Notably, our artist Ryan Smith has won Best of Show and Best of Day at some of the most prestigious conventions around. Recently, Ryan Smith collaborated with one of our new resident London tattoo artists Jay Freestyle to win Best of Show at Milano Tattoo Convention. Collaborations are becoming ever more popular in tattooing, and the endless combinations mean that we are now presenting work that looks like nothing seen before. Tattooing was once seen as an industry of lone wolves in a dog eat dog world, a stereotype perpetuated by sensationalized media, but we know that there is more camaraderie than ever before, with artists actively seeking to work together on fresh ideas and concepts.

The NR name has become what it is with the support of brands and companies who have seen the potential and value in our artists and our work. The highest quality work needs the highest quality materials, so we ensure that our artists work with the best products we can find. Our studios are proudly supported by World Famous Ink, Hustle Butter Deluxe, and Sorry Mom. Alongside the products, our chairs and machines are kept to the highest standard, and each station has a flat screen television with wireless earphones so that our clients can watch Netflix or listen to music during their sessions. This premium level of customer service is part of what sets us apart from the many other tattoo studios out there. With increasing demand for tattoos in turn increasing the number of artists and studios out there, we know that at the heart of it all is the client, and that each person deserves the best experience whilst getting inked.

Expansion has always been part of the NR Studios plan. Once Cheltenham had set the precedent for artistry and quality, Ben and Annie opened the doors to Exeter. As Exeter quickly built a local and national reputation, it seemed only right to hit the Big Smoke next. Location was crucial to choosing the venue for thetattoo artist London studio and art gallery and we’re proud to be on Minerva Street in the heart of Hackney. London is known as one of the most artistic and groundbreaking capital cities on Earth, and so this studio will become part of the pioneering developments in the tattoo industry. With an onsite photographer and gallery curator, we are truly closing the gap between traditional art mediums such as painting and sculpture with tattooing.[/expander_maker]

NR Studio – Guest Artists
Victor Del Fueyo


Victor del Fueyo is based in Leon, Spain but regularly guests at studios all over Europe. Victor has a distinct black and grey realism style and is well-know for his mind-blowing portraits.


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