Dario Grasso

Based at NR Studio London

Name: Dario Grasso

Tattoo Style: Black and grey, personal artwork

Studio: NR Studio London, UK

Dario Grasso started his artistic education on the Italian Island of Sicily where he was raised, obtaining a Diploma at the ‘Istituto d’arte R. Assunto’ in San Cataldo in 2007. He had already started teaching himself to paint and draw at home, starting from the great masters of Mannerism, followed by a great fascination for Caravaggio and the sculptures of Greek antiquity. He later discovered a great interest in ‘Salvador Dali’ and for a brief period strived to produce paintings of a similar style, using Dali as a reference and inspiration while he refined his own drawing and painting abilities. Painting becoming his favourite art form.

Dario is revolutionising the tattoo industry, spending time to get to know the customer’s personality and really drilling down to their core values to allow him to create a personal piece of artwork that is special and unique to the customer, that can then be translated to skin.

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