Razvan Rosca

Based at NR Studio London

Name: Razvan Rosca

Tattoo Style: Black and grey, realism

Studio: NR Studio London, UK

Razvan has a always had an interest in drawing, but he never thought he could make a career out of it. After being tattooed himself, he realised that he too could become a tattooist and quit uni to dedicate himself to tattooing.

Raz came to NR studios in 2016 and has quickly become one of our most sought after black and grey artists, specialising in realism pieces with a dark twist. 

Taking influence from nature and human mind, Raz really enjoys tattooing his own personal artwork where he concentrates on the psychology of evil,  giving his work a dark fantasy style.

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I had a portrait of my dog by Razvan and was I was dumfounded with it’s awesomeness. I constantly get stopped by strangers who always comment on how fantastic the tattoo is. I’d like to thank him for capturing Mischa’s personality and how it compliments my other tattoos.

Paul Haig


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