Tattoo artist Sasha Unisex (St.Petersburg, Russia) has experienced a steady rise in popularity which continuously grows. This truly talented girl is famous for her vibrant geometric watercolours which she transforms onto skin.


Sasha Unisex

Sasha Unisex


Sasha’s tattoos can be described as vibrant, multi-coloured prisms. The lack of outlines and brilliant shading effects lend her artwork an opulent softness that provides a multifaceted crystal effect to each of her tattoos.






Sasha’s common designs are animals and nature, but she does a lot of improvisation and combines multiple objects into one. She now has a large social media presence and if you want to see more of her outstanding work do view her art on our pinterest profile!




Interview with Sasha:

Q. Tell me a little bit about yourself, where did you study and what have brought you into tattooing?

A. I’ve got the idea of being a tattoo artist in the spring of 2010 when I didn’t have any tattoos or tattoo artists I knew. After my graduation from the Lviv National Academy of Art I had a lot of free time which I devoted to meeting new artists and getting more of the starting experience in the field. This was when I got my first tattoos.




Q. The majority of your tattoos are in a very unusual graphic style. What has influenced its development?

A. My degree in graphic design has really helped me to develop this style. I think that every artist has to have a signature style, and I am proud to say that I am very satisfied with mine.




Q. Tell me about the first tattoo you did on someone. What was the image?

A. I did my first tattoo on my friend it was an image of a small black sun on her back. When I only started I used to tattoo small scribbles and words.


Q. What are the goals you set for yourself as a tattooist? What have you already accomplished that is important for you?

A. My main objective is to enjoy what I’m doing while earning money and respect. What is important for me now is knowing that I’m on a right track and that I am good at what I do. Although there are many negative comments about my tattoos (and tattoos in general) in Russia, I am satisfied with that by far not everyone likes them as long as they evoke a lot of interest.




Q. What would you recommend to a person who is keen on being a tattooist?

A. Knowing how to draw well is the most important thing – all the rest can be learned.


Q. What do tattoos mean to you?

A. Tattoos are my favourite accessories that are impossible to lose and are one of the ways to express myself. It repels people that I don’t need in my life and attracts those that are artistic and interesting.




Q. How do you spend your free time?

A. I love spending time with people that are close to me.




Q. What would you wish to people who are reading this blog now?

A. To all those that would have read this blog I would wish to enjoy what they do as well as to reach their most aspired goals.