5 Interesting placements for your next tattoo

by | Apr 6, 2017

1. Armpit

This placement is definitely not for the faint-hearted, but it will certainly make a statement. An armpit tattoo is the true final touch to a sleeve, but can also stand alone as a unique piece.

Including tattoos by Anjris Straume (@anrijsstraume), Bastienjean (@bastienjean), Esther de Miguel (@estherdemiguel).

2. Head (Get your head in the game)

The head offers shapes and curves that no other part of the body has, so think about the placement and composition if you’re considering taking the leap and getting some skull art.

Including tattoos by Ilhan Bilir (@ilhan_bilir) and Niorkz (@niorkz)

3. Chin (Keep your chin up, Chuck

A chin offers a spot that is surprisingly well hidden in day-to-day life. Most tattoo artists wouldn’t tattoo a chin unless you were heavily tattooed already, but if you’re interested in making the transition, this might be the perfect place to start.

Including tattoos by Herzdame (@herzdame), Friedric Huebler (@friedrichuebler)

4. Pubis (Private part party)

Including tattoos by Esther de Miguel (@estherdemiguel) and Paul Goodwin (paulsgoodwin).

This placement is growing slowly more popular. The symmetry of the torso allows for patternwork and simplistic designs to work really beautifully.

5. Bum (No ifs, some butts)

Including tattoos by Max Rathbone (@maxrathbone_tattooer)