Blackwork is the new black

by | Mar 24, 2017

If you want something that will stand the test of time, both in your skin and in trends, then it’s time to familiarise yourself with blackwork. With a nod towards the roots of tattooing in tribal culture, blackwork has continued to evolve and change. Whilst black and grey utilises tones for shading, blackwork relies on bold lines and negative space.

Check out these 10 incredible blackwork artists.

1. Oddtattooer @oddtattooer

Location: Singapore

Chester is known for full bodysuits as well as creating large back, chest and sleeves that can incorporate mandalas and dotwork.

2. Thieves of Tower @ttowerempire

Location: Los Angeles

The Thieves are known for making architecture-inspired pieces that have incredible amounts of detail. They also use the body in interesting ways, like spreading a piece over two limbs, or including the toes in a composition.

3. Paul Goodwin @paulsgoodwin

Location: Cheltenham, UK

Working from the NR Cheltenham studio, Paul mixes different techniques to make one of a kind pieces of art. Paint-stroke effects, dotwork, and abstract shapes all feature in his work.

4. Melow Perez @melowperez

Location: Barcelona

Check out Perez for some sleeve inspiration – he is able to vary his blackwork to create something completely new each time.

5. Demon Dance @demondance

Location: Leeds

Working on smaller scale blackwork pieces, Demon Dance creates designs with strong contrast. She often uses pop culture references and lettering to bring narrative to her tattoos.

6. Pawel Indulski

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Indulski combines strong shapes with elegant dotwork, often depicting classic symbols from greek mythology or historical figures like Cleopatra.

7. Nick Fierro @tattoosbynickfierro

Location: New York

If geometric is your thing, Fierro is your man.

8. Yi Stropky @chinatown_stropky

Location: Vancouver

Bringing it back to the absolute minimum, Stropky uses simple linework for her tattoos. Despite their simplicity, her tattoos often make you think, and seem to have an air of mystery about them.

9. Gakkin @gakkinx

Location: Amsterdam

Gakkin is sort of the ‘daddy’ when it comes to blackwork. He works freehand and creates stunning designs that often nod towards Japanese styles.

10. Servadio @servadio_

Location: Travelling

Using only black doesn’t mean the tattoo has to be crazy bold – Servadio creates soft designs in his unique style using linework and dots.