Convention Tips

by | Apr 6, 2017

Whether you’re an avid tattoo collector, considering your first piece of ink, or just curious to see more art, a tattoo convention is a great event to go to. Held in various locations across the world, they offer the chance to see some of the biggest and best names in the industry doing their thing as well as to discover new artists.

We’ve put together a few tips for those of you looking to attend a convention in the near future.

NR Studios Ryan Smith at a tattoo convention

1. Buy tickets in advance

Quite often, conventions will charge more on the day, so don’t delay if you’re keen to go! Get the best deal by purchasing your tickets from the convention website as early as you can.

2. Make sure to get a map

There could be hundreds of artists in the convention, so if you’re looking for somebody in particular make sure to get a map to find them. A lot of maps will also give details about competitions and events throughout the day.

3. Don’t take pictures of the designs

You might just be harmlessly photographing your favourite images, but since there’s plenty artists out there willing to copy other tattoo designs, it’s best not to get yourself into any bad books.

4. Bring Cash

Even if you’re not planning on getting tattooed – there’s plenty of other things that you might want to purchase. Many artists will sell merchandise like prints, t-shirts, patches and pins. There might be a cash machine in the venue, but chances are it’ll charge you for use.

5. Make a note of your new artist finds

There’s nothing worse than seeing someone with incredible artwork, and then not being able to remember their name later on. Smart phones have made this easy for us – just follow their work on Instagram or Facebook. Most artists will have business cards, stickers or appointment cards with them, so pick up those as well if you’d like – they make a great souvenir for the day!

Some conventions to check out: 

  • London Tattoo Collective
  • Liverpool Tattoo Convention
  • Big North Tattoo Show
  • Tattoo Tea Party Manchester