Our modern, bespoke studios are a hub of creativity for award-winning tattoo artists, working closely with our clients from first contact to ensure we produce the highest quality custom tattoos. We provide a wealth of knowledge and experience, in a professional and cutting-edge environment with a team dedicated to ensuring your experience is one that is as memorable as the ink in your skin.

Q: Do you require a booking fee?
A: Yes, this secures the appointment and is non-refundable.

Q: Is there a waiting list or can I just walk in?
A: Most artists have a waiting list, but it’s always worth a call to see if we happen to have any space on the day.

Q:I have some ideas, but I’m not very artistic, can you help me design my tattoo?
A: Absolutely!!! This is what we are here for, so don’t worry about design or placement. Our experienced and professional team pride themselves on producing custom pieces for every tattoo.

Q: How much will a tattoo cost?
A: This is dependent on the artist, size and complexity of the design. These details can be discussed and established during your consultation.

Q: Can you copy an image exactly? 
A: As a custom studio, we only create unique artwork and will not copy other designs.We want you to walk away with a tattoo as unique as you are. We can design a tattoo that takes influence from reference images, so if you have a favourite tattoo, use that as your reference.

Q: Will we start and finish exactly on time?
A: Not always. There are many factors that will impact on timing such as your skin and how well you sit. As well as this, preparation work is critical to the final result, and our artists will work until there is a natural break point to not compromise the result.

Q: Will I be shown the design before the day?
A: Designs are viewed on the day of the appointment. The artist will always ensure they have enough information from you during your consultation to go away and create a design they believe you will love. However, if you would like to change parts of the design, this can be done on the day of the tattoo – that is not a problem. You will be able to work in collaboration with the artist to tweak what is needed – this process is much quicker and more effective face to face.

Q: Are you able to do cover ups?
A: While it is possible to cover some tattoos, all cover ups require extra attention. We’ll need to see the tattoo you want covering first, so send some pictures over and we will take a look. Sometimes we’ll need to see the existing tattoo in person, but we’ll let you know if this is the case. Cover ups are more restricting than free skin, so we’ll advise you on what can be achieved.

Q: Can I bring someone with me when I get tattooed?
A: If there is space in the room, it won’t be a problem, but it’s not guaranteed. Please call ahead if this will cause a problem for you, and we will try to accommodate. Our number one priority is making sure the tattoo is the absolute best it can be.

Q: What inks do you use?
A: All our inks are Vegan-friendly, and we carry a huge range of colours and shades.

Q: Are children allowed in the studio?
A: Under 18’s are only permitted in the waiting area at the front of the studio and must be supervised at all times.

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