Based at NR Studio London

Name: A++VOID

Tattoo Style: Unknown

Studio: NR Studio London

A++void is a journey into the unknown. For each tattoo, I try to get the essence of my client and their idea in both a figurative and abstract way; it becomes a true experience. I love the idea that these pieces can seem absurd which is an interesting concept to me as it is us who gave the meaning to absurd in the first place, I like to create layers of meaning in my pieces…they are bold and almost vulgar, but also have subtlety and need time to be studied in detail for people to try and understand or to be interpreted.

The pieces I create are unpredictable; they are completely new each time. Perhaps they could be deemed unnecessary, but does that not reflect much of life? I put as much emphasis on the process as I do on the final result. My aim is to work with the lines and contour of the body, but at the same time reshape it and form an alternative view.

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