Marta Amat

Based at NR Studio Bristol

Name: Marta Amat

Tattoo Style: Geometric/ Ornamental mehndi / Dotwork

Studio: NR Studio Bristol, UK

Marta has been tattooing professionally for over 10 years, and her passion for art has continued to grow and evolve for the whole of her journey. Studying art in Barcelona before her career began, there was only one way she was set to go with work. Travelling and tattooing all over the world, she has worked with some of the best there is and has kept evolving. We are honoured to have her here with us in Bristol.

Marta loves every line and dot she creates and wants to make each tattoo personal to the client that it will live on. Check out her work and get in touch for a consultation to develop your idea together.

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Forever grateful for this amazing piece of artwork you have given me. Thank you so si much! So much appreciation.❤❤❤



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