Based at NR Studio Bristol

Name: Max

Tattoo Style: Realistic

Studio: NR Studio Bristol, UK

As a Bristol tattoo artist, Max has been rapidly developing his skills in both tattooing and many other media of painting and digital art. While comfortable in all styles of tattooing, he is particularly focused on the “realistic” path, focusing mostly on colour work. Max is known as one of the most travelling artists in the UK, heading conventions and guest spots every month for the last couple of years. His hard work and dedication are giving him strong roots on the “tattoo map”.

After all these years, Max still concentrates on improving his work and artwork using different techniques, including learning all computer graphic programs etc. He doesn’t give away any opportunity to improve as an artist and as a person.

In 2013, Max took his realistic tattooing to another level and invented the “LEGOLISM” style. This is based on the Lego blocks world combined with realism, using the same techniques as used in his everyday tattooing (blur effects, 3 plans of composition, alternative light, etc).

Winning many conventions and being nominated as Tattoo Artist of The Year in 2013, 2014 and 2015 by various tattoo related publishers provides some extra motivation to work hard, but for Max, the biggest energy source are customers willingly “wearing” his tattoos. “Always remember where you come from” is Max’s rule of life, and that’s why he’s always pushing himself to be on the top of his game, ensuring customers get the best from him for the trust they’re giving him.

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Had the pleasure of meeting and getting tattooed by max .it was a long session but it flew by! A Great tattooist and and a lovely guy! it was great fun. And i left with a mind blowing tattoo. What an Awsome talent. Can highly recommend this studio.



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