Based at NR Studio London

Name: Mess

Tattoo Style: Abstract/illustrative

Studio: NR Studio London

Mess has always looked for visual art in his life and sees all aspects of the world this way. his artwork mixes cubism with integrated minimalist lines and contributes them into unique illustrations. As an independent artist, Mess believes that he has a responsibility to bring his vision to the public with the complicated versions of it, such as life.

Mess has many ongoing projects which include his current “tale driver” project. This is about collecting personal written stories from his clients and turning them into visual art.

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I had my tattoo done by Mess. He is amazing and I love it! His designs are beautiful and I can’t wait to get my next tattoo. Thanks Mess. ~Rachel Taylor


58 High St,
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01242 578 892
Monday to Saturday - 10AM to 6PM


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