Razvan Grecu

Based at NR Studio Cheltenham

Name: Razvan Grecu

Tattoo Style: Black and grey, realism

Studio: NR Studio Cheltenham

Razvan started working in Bucharest in 2014, where he learnt the basics about tattooing. At the end of 2015 he went on his first guest spot, and that was the beginning of his ongoing quest for knowledge. Since then he has worked in Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Austria and the UK, having the chance to work alongside world class artists and learn some of their techniques although he is mainly self taught, watching YouTube videos and analyzing Instagram photos of tattoos.

He has a passion for black and grey tattoos and believes contrast is the key to great black and grey piece. Surrealistic pieces, dark themes, realism, landscapes, scenes and portraits are some of his favorite things to tattoo, enjoying working on custom compositions as well as good photography; such as vintage-style photos. When customizing a piece he draws inspiration from everything he experiences in life, from the mundane and ordinary to fantasy stories and the paradoxical

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