Ryan Smith

Based at NR Studio Exeter

Name: Ryan Smith

Tattoo Style: Ornamental, realism

Studio: NR Studio Exeter

Ryan Smith is the lead artist at our studio in Exeter, also going by the name of ‘The Scientist’ because of the conceptual ‘Scientific’ genre he created. 

His most recognised work is futuristic, although Ryan is comfortable tattooing any style using his methods and principles, applying them to anything from black and grey to traditional tattoos.

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Ryan is an amazing tattooist! Extremely knowledgeable about the art of tattooing, to include a lot of things that none of my other artists have known or practiced. That is especially helpful for the marathon tattooing sessions he books. Ryan has certainly earned his “Scientist” nickname. His hennism tattoo form is spot on for realism and the roses seem to almost “pop” out of your skin. Very 3D. Ryan in person is not anything like what you’d expect. Even for someone who’s such a hot commodity right now, he’s got none of the ego and the attitude. I was pleasantly surprised at how just damn nice and humble he was! You can tell just by talking to him how hard he’s worked to get to where he is, and how much he cares about his art. I love my tattoo and I highly recommend him and his amazing skills!!! I can’t wait for another piece of his fabulous tattoo work!

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