Based at NR Studio London

Name: TDan

Tattoo Style: Large scale black and grey/colour characters

Studio: NR Studio London

Denis Torikashvili (TDan) was born in Rostov-on-Don, in the south of Russia, which is where he started tattooing in 1997.

He learnt about tattooing from American movies, and the first tattoo studio opened in his city in 1995. At the time, there was practically no information about tattoos. He had to work in difficult conditions, but despite that, the most important thing was there: the desire to tattoo and be tattooed. 

In 1997, he bought his first tattoo machine, Micky Sharpz. This was the starting point for his development, and he began to research information he was interested in, creating primitive sketches. His real development occurred when high-speed internet came into his life and tattoo forums began to form, allowing online tattoo communities to grow.

The first tattoo convention was held in St Petersburg, Russia in 2003. After taking part in the convention in 2005, TDan won first place for best of day in 2006 with a black and grey portrait; his first award!! Following this, he worked in studios in Rostov, going onto open his own. 

TDan has worked with different tattoo styles including Japanese, ornamental, realistic and American traditional, but he was always looking for something new and different so that he could express himself properly.

Everything changed three years ago when he moved to Moscow. Essentially starting over again, he closely monitored other artists perfecting the art, fighting hard to understand the secret to their success and techniques. Experimenting more, he created collages and was trying to realise unique ideas on the skin. TDan has really come into his own and is 19 years in the making.

If you want to be a great artist, it’s not enough to make high quality tattoos. You need to create unique pieces that cannot be replicated.

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Just have no words how much I appreciate your work!!

We started to work last year and made a great & awesome and cute sleeve And after 3/4 months Denis offered me to make another one ,and sure I said yes! We started new sleeve in horror style! I’m so excited to finish it! And by the way we took 1 black&gray at Moscow tattoo festival!! I was happy as a kid ha ha Thank you so much Denis for your talent and your work! You are the best!!!


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