Based at NR Studio London & Exeter

Name: Woz

Tattoo Style: Neo Traditional, Script, Blackwork

Studio: NR Studio London & Exeter

From an early age, Woz has been interested in art, and at around 16 years old, he started to paint graffiti.

Years later, but still using this platform, he developed a strong fascination with tattoo art and made the obvious transition into the tattoo industry, serving an apprenticeship before becoming a tattoo artist in 2011.

His preferred style is Neo-traditional, although he’s comfortable tattooing in different styles from Colour and Black and Grey realism to Neo-Japanese.

Woz also has a love of script and lettering work due to his earlier influences, and he likes to incorporate these into his Neo-traditional pieces.

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I had planned quite a few tattoo’s and because they are so personal to you, it’s important you can trust the artist to meet your expectations. I had spent a long time finding someone whose work I really respected, and I found that in Woz. There are tattooists and there are tattooists and Woz just exceeds all your expectations. He’s versatile in many styles, my tattoo’s varied from traditional/realistic to linework/dot work. Every piece left me with a massive smile and that’s down to his talent. If you want peace of mind and amazing results you’re in safe hands with Woz. ~Ian Farrelly


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