Yuki Zerkjad

Based at NR Studio London

Tattoo Style: Chinese watercolour

Yuki Zerkjad is a Romanian tattoo artist and moved to London in 2016, convinced that it would allow her to grow artistically. Having been on a continuous journey of self-discovery ever since she started
tattooing, she’s been aspiring to find the true paths of existence and humanity aesthetically.

Yuki’s tattooing style takes shape from the freedom and trust provided by both clients and her own desire to explore and unchain herself from societal pressure. One style Yuki is implementing in her work is based on traditional watercolour techniques, while also experimenting with different approaches, trying to come closer to the secret of existence in beauty.

Moreover, she also demonstrates a true interest for the Asian aestheticism, with Chinese and Japanese ink wash painting as a focus, treasuring the way this ancient genre can be figurative and abstract at the same time. As a result, it develops into a more personal and subjective art, its power residing in expressing rhythms, moods and letting loose of the chains of convention, while also experiencing new-found freedom.

Ink painting is an attempt to capture the essence of an object in a condensed form – a person, an animal or a landscape, which is why suggestion plays a key role. The applied tones and colours on the skin serve as a direct speech of Yuki’s interests. She feels the purpose of her work is making people happy, offering them a memorable experience by imprinting any form of emotion or
feeling into a truly special gift to be carried throughout their lives.

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Wow, wow, wow, wow! Yuki did above and beyond what I expected with my tattoo. It is beautiful – what talent this young lady has. Thank you soooo much. Well worth the journey from Peterborough AND the fact everything was vegan is an absolute bonus!

Tracy Winterton


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