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Tattoo Finance

0% Finance, 0% Stress

Full Sleeve Tattoo Example

Get your next tattoo starting from only £50 per month

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Back Piece Tattoo Example

Get your next tattoo starting from only £50 per month

Choose your artist

Get the tattoo you really want while saving money

0% Finance

A tattoo is an investment in your dreams, your memories and your unique self. With special financing available from NR Studios, now you can get the tattoo you’ve always dreamed of without wondering how you’re going to pay for it all upfront.

By spreading out payments month to month, you’ll have an amazing, jaw-droppingly gorgeous tattoo to express yourself with, but without the hefty interest payments racking up on your credit card.

Your Dream Tattoo Isn’t Done All at Once…

Why should your payment be?

At NR Studios, creating the tattoo of your dreams requires dedication, time and skill. With over 30 artists in 4 convenient locations, we make it easy to see your vision come alive with ink. But what isn’t always easy is paying for it. The last thing you want to do is get deeper in debt or fork over a ton of cash for something that takes months to complete.

0% Interest Financing

We’re the first and only tattoo studio in the UK to offer 12 months 0% interest financing

Sure, you have a year to pay, but why drag out the completion of your tattoo that long? Through our exclusive financing program, you can book your tattoo today and depending on the design complexity and placement, have it completed in as little as six weeks!

That’s right. Take one full year to pay for your tattoo with absolutely no interest. There’s no faster, more flexible way to get the tattoo you’ve always wanted, crafted by the skilled hands of our professionally-trained artists.